Homeless and at-risk women have the power to transform their lives.

Women gaining new skills, new strengths and new life at EGH.

EGH is the only place I've felt truly welcome - Alexis


Elizabeth Gregory Home provides hope and help to hundreds of homeless women in the greater Seattle area each year through our drop-in Day Center, Transitional Housing program and case management services. Elizabeth Gregory Home provides a welcoming and respectful refuge where homeless and at-risk women have access to compassionate care. Read More…


Elizabeth Gregory Home provides homeless women with transitional housing, a drop-in day center with a wide range of essential services, and individual care management. Read More…


YOU can make a difference in the lives of homeless women. Volunteers and individual donors are the heart of Elizabeth Gregory Home. Without volunteers, we could not help nearly as many women or provide the range of services offered. There are many gratifying ways to get involved at EGH and help women break the cycle of homelessness. Read More…

Mattie is Finally Home

Mattie is quick with a smile and kind word. She has good reason to smile these days as she just moved into her own one bedroom apartment through Seattle’s Senior Housing Program. “My apartment is so nice,” exclaimed Mattie. “I love my bathroom.” Mattie lived most of her life and raised her family in Omaha. Read More . . . “Mattie is Finally Home”

EGH; the Last Pet Friendly Refuge for Some

“I was ready to give up until I found Elizabeth Gregory Home. My service animal was going to go to the pound and I was going to go walk into the woods…” by Lynne S. My service animal Wigglz means the world to me, but when we first became homeless in 2015 it felt like Read More . . . “EGH; the Last Pet Friendly Refuge for Some”

Domestic Violence and Homelessness

“Without EGH, I wouldn’t be making such huge strides in my health or career goals.” By Jasmin (pseudonym) I came to EGH after getting a divorce. I am a domestic violence survivor. I lost everything in the divorce, and found myself emotionally broken and homeless. I am educated, hard-working, and drug free and never pictured Read More . . . “Domestic Violence and Homelessness”

Sarah’s Story

Sarah moved from Fresno to Seattle in 2011 in order to meet her father for the first time. She then secured a job at a salmon cannery in Alaska, and after a couple of months of hard work, returned to Seattle to stay with her father. She lived with him for several years before moving Read More . . . “Sarah’s Story”

Pyxey’s story

“EGH Was Awesome in Advocating for Me.” by Pyxey I thought my years of homelessness had ended when I received a Section-8 voucher from Peninsula Housing in Jefferson County. Then my apartment building was inspected and cited for health and safety code violations and the landlord did not comply with housing authority regulations. Once again, Read More . . . “Pyxey’s story”

Lisa’s New Lease on Life

What’s most important to me in life is my family and my faith. I have two children and two granddaughters, and belong to a church. In 2013, I heard my church was looking for people to serve as missionaries at an orphanage in Mexico. I jumped at the opportunity. I served for two years, but Read More . . . “Lisa’s New Lease on Life”

Sandra’s Story

“It was my time to heal, regroup and come up with a game plan for my future.” By Sandra Four years ago, I found myself in a position I thought I would never be in. I was on the streets of Seattle with no place to go. The stigma, the shame and the fear of Read More . . . “Sandra’s Story”

Vera’s Hardest Job

Vera’s Hardest Job It was January of 2017 when I tripped and fell in front of my apartment. I didn’t remember anything until I woke up from surgery in a hospital bed. They told me if I had bled for two minutes longer, I would not have survived. I needed to relearn how to walk Read More . . . “Vera’s Hardest Job”

Emily’s Uphill Climb

My story doesn’t begin with me. I come from a family of addicts. I lost my grandmother and uncle to suicide.  My birth father was an addict and left when I was two.  Fortunately, my mother was able to break the cycle and lived a sober life. She provided much love and guidance, yet the Read More . . . “Emily’s Uphill Climb”

Michele’s Story

In 2010, Michele Martin found herself homeless. While residing in transitional housing at Aloha Inn, Michele re-engaged in the workforce as an AARP volunteer at Elizabeth Gregory Home. Since then she was able to reunite with her husband and flourish as the “hub” of the EGH Day Center. Michele Martin was hired as the Day Center Read More . . . “Michele’s Story”




EGH to Launch Job Readiness Program

EGH to Launch Job Readiness Program

EGH to Launch Job Readiness Program We are excited to launch our new Job Readiness Program soon!  We anticipate starting this summer with women living in the Transitional House and adding a class for Day Center clients in the fall.  The Program will be divided into...

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EGH Women Enjoy Seattle Storm Outing

EGH Women Enjoy Seattle Storm Outing

Thanks to The Seattle StormWomen from Elizabeth Gregory Home had the opportunity to enjoy Seattle Storm games thanks to a generous donation of tickets from the team. All had a great time. Here is what some of the women said about the outing: "After suffering a variety...

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Homeless Women Inspire Local Artist

Homeless Women Inspire Local Artist

Homeless Women Inspire Local Artist’s Mixed-Media Panel Local artist, Cheryl Richey attended our annual benefit dinner in March and was moved by the stories presented by women experiencing homelessness. Cheryl has since reached out to EGH to offer the proceeds from...

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Welcoming the Arrival of the Equinox!

Welcoming the Arrival of the Equinox!

Welcoming the Arrival of the Equinox! The advent of fall marks a shift in focus at EGH. Warm clothing, rainproof coats, and durable shoes tend to top the needs list. Thanks to receiving many generous in-kind donations, we are well-stocked to greet the chill the season...

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Let the Summer Spirit Soar!

Let the Summer Spirit Soar!

Despite the heat of the recent seemingly endless days of sunshine, the light and abundance of foliage certainly lifts the spirits of all at EGH. But there are additional elements that kindle a hopeful spirit these days. New staff member(s)! We welcomed Helene McOwen...

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