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Jano’s Story

Jano was self-employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and living in an apartment on Capitol Hill. She had lost… Read More “Jano’s Story”

Cassandra’s Story

smiling woman

After 20 years of homelessness, Cassandra has finally found a home.   Cassandra is a well-known and well-loved client at… Read More “Cassandra’s Story”

Brenda is Happy to be Home for the Holidays!

Brenda worked as an office manager for over thirty years while raising a family as a single mother. Because her… Read More “Brenda is Happy to be Home for the Holidays!”

Louise is a Survivor

I grew up in Maine and couldn’t wait to move to a warmer climate. After my boyfriend heard about a… Read More “Louise is a Survivor”

Alice Feel’s at Home at EGH

Alice [pseudonym] met an American man online in early 2007. They corresponded through email every week and video-chatted occasionally; he… Read More “Alice Feel’s at Home at EGH”

Carolyn’s story

Carolyn Looks Forward to Resting at EGH on Sundays Carolyn is a 72-year-old retired teacher. “I thought my retirement years… Read More “Carolyn’s story”

I Know Where My Life is Going

I left my husband to save my life. He is an oil executive. For many happy years, we traveled the… Read More “I Know Where My Life is Going”

Bobbi’s story

I never imagined I would ever end up homeless. I worked for twenty years for the City of Seattle in… Read More “Bobbi’s story”

Angie’s Story

My first defining moment occurred the day I was born in Wiesbaden, West Germany, in 1956. I was separated from… Read More “Angie’s Story”

Lisa’s New Lease on Life

What’s most important to me in life is my family and my faith. I have two children and two granddaughters,… Read More “Lisa’s New Lease on Life”

Angel Has Big Dreams

I became homeless after fleeing an abusive and alcoholic family living situation. A lot of the prejudice and violence occurred… Read More “Angel Has Big Dreams”

Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany became homeless in 2015 after leaving her husband. With no support network in Tacoma, she came to Seattle to… Read More “Tiffany’s Story”

Emily’s Uphill Climb

My story doesn’t begin with me. I come from a family of addicts. I lost my grandmother and uncle to… Read More “Emily’s Uphill Climb”

Luci’s Story

After being sexually assaulted by her boss when she was 23 years old, Luci moved from Des Moines, WA, to… Read More “Luci’s Story”

Josie’s Story

My story began in the Philippines. I was married, had three beautiful children, and was a successful businesswoman. After 26… Read More “Josie’s Story”

Julia’s Story

Julia started taking art lessons when she was eight years old and later attended school for art and theater. After… Read More “Julia’s Story”

Leona’s Story

“My mom told me that she loved me and that she would see me again, and the very next day… Read More “Leona’s Story”

Pyxey’s story

“EGH Was Awesome in Advocating for Me.” by Pyxey I thought my years of homelessness had ended when I received… Read More “Pyxey’s story”

Jodie’s Story – Veteran’s Day

Jodie is a 69 year old veteran who has lived in her car and in shelters for the past two… Read More “Jodie’s Story – Veteran’s Day”

Domestic Violence and Homelessness

“Without EGH, I wouldn’t be making such huge strides in my health or career goals.”By Jasmin (pseudonym) I came to… Read More “Domestic Violence and Homelessness”

Remembering Liisa

Liisa has been homeless off and on since Elizabeth Gregory Home opened in 2006. She learned about EGH when the… Read More “Remembering Liisa”

EGH – The Last Pet Friendly Refuge for Some

“I was ready to give up until I found Elizabeth Gregory Home. My service animal was going to go to… Read More “EGH – The Last Pet Friendly Refuge for Some”

Michele’s Story

In 2010, Michele Martin found herself homeless. While residing in transitional housing at Aloha Inn, Michele re-engaged in the workforce… Read More “Michele’s Story”

Theresa’s Story

Theresa discovered the EGH Day Center while staying at the overnight shelter in University Lutheran Church.  She immediately pitched in… Read More “Theresa’s Story”

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