You've got passion for the mission.

Serving on a board is an opportunity to do even more for an organization and mission that you are already passionate about.

You'll make an impact.

As a board member, you’ll work on the organization’s strategic direction to grow and/or focus the vision of what we can do in the community to make a stronger impact.

You'll share your skills.

You have a skill set, and organizations need it. Do you work in finance or have legal or HR experience? Do you have a background in social work or behavioral health?  Could you bring your lived experience to help inform EGH’s work? Or maybe you’re a connector and you can bring in community or business leaders to the organization. 

You'll meet great people.

You’ll network with amazing board members and work alongside some of the most passionate staff in any sector.


I support EGH because . . . 

The Elizabeth Gregory Home Board of Directors is a dynamic group of individuals with a common passion for creating positive change for women experiencing homelessness in the Seattle area. Watch this video to hear members share why they support EGH’s mission and work.

Board Member Position Description

Board Purpose

As the governing body of EGH, Board Members provide leadership, fiduciary oversight, fundraising, resource development, and advocacy to advance the organization’s mission.

Board Duty and Authority

This position is a voting member of the Board, with the duty and full authority to carry out these responsibilities:

  • Establish policy
  • Hire and evaluate the Executive Director
  • Secure adequate funding for EGH
  • Manage finances, maintain fiduciary care
  • Develop and monitor the strategic plan
  • Select Board officers and review their performance
  • Approve contracts as appropriate
Board Member Responsibilities
  • Prepare for, attend and conscientiously participate in all monthly board meetings, appointed committees, and activities
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Assume board leadership roles as appropriate
  • Understand the mission, goals, operational practices, and challenges of EGH
  • Represent EGH to individuals, the public and other organizations
  • Faithfully read financial statements and understand EGH’s financial position and budget
  • Exercise fiduciary care
  • Plan and participate in raising funds to support the EGH mission
  • Attend the EGH Annual Benefit Event, including hosting a table of 8+ people
  • Give a meaningful personal annual financial contribution
  • Plan for an overall time commitment of 4-6 hours per month
  • Interest in and commitment to stabilizing and enhancing the lives of homeless women in transition
  • Personal commitment to the EGH values of RICE: Respect for individuality, Inclusion that celebrates difference, establishing Community by engendering a sense of belonging, and Empathy through listening with compassion and understanding.
Membership Terms

Board members serve three-year terms. Terms are renewable upon approval of the Board, and no Board member shall serve more than six consecutive years.


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