Former Teacher; Retired and Homeless

Carolyn is a 72-year-old retired educator who has been homeless three times in her life. In 2017, Carolyn thought she had finally found a home: a 110 square foot room she rented for $500 a month in a dilapidated house in the Central District. This past May, Seattle Times featured an article about her eventual eviction from that property entitled, Out of Homelessness, Into a Hovel.”

“When you’re a homeless woman, you’re more vulnerable on the streets,” Carolyn said. “We need a place to go where we are safe and comfortable and EGH provides that.”

“Being open on Sundays means everything to me and other women who are homeless because there’s this huge gap,” said Carolyn. “Monday through Friday I don’t worry, but weekends are hard.”

“Friday afternoon I begin to worry because I don’t have anywhere to go to rest during the day on Sunday,” said Carolyn. “As a senior homeless person, I really need a place to go on the weekend where I can rest.”

Thanks to you, Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Day Center is planning to add a sixth day of service on Sunday’s starting in January 2019. With your help, Carolyn and hundreds of women like her who struggle to survive in Seattle’s shelter system will find safe refuge from the streets Sunday through Friday. Thank you for helping them in their efforts to improve their lives.

Read Carolyn’s story here.


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