Despite the heat of the recent seemingly endless days of sunshine, the light and abundance of foliage certainly lifts the spirits of all at EGH. But there are additional elements that kindle a hopeful spirit these days.

New staff member(s)! We welcomed Helene McOwen as our full-time Day Center Coordinator in June. She brings a public health educational background, but more importantly, a spirit of enthusiasm and willingness to offer essential—and often exceptional!–cuisine. Her optimism and welcoming ways are deeply appreciated by all.

I put the (s) after “staff member”, because Valerie Smith shifted her former role as Day Center Coordinator into a position that still lacks a clearly defined title because of the many hats she now wears. These “hats” include guiding Helene in the kitchen, conducting client intakes, facilitating monthly meetings with residents at our transitional house, supporting general operations throughout the Day Center, and leveraging her gifts as an ordained minister by serving as an individual mentor as well as group facilitator. Which leads to…

New Program! Valerie has developed a bi-monthly curriculum entitled, “Your Everyday Spirituality” (known by the acronym: YES!) The number of attendees is climbing and playful noises emanate from the classroom in the form of song, clackers, and the spinning beads from hula hoops. Curious? You are invited to come talk to Miss V. about her inspirational curriculum, which is designed to nurture the often overlooked essential need: the spirit.

Volunteers: New and Long-Term: EGH could not operate without the generous contribution of time and talent of our beloved volunteers. Jobs are diverse, but all of critical value, such as food delivery drivers, receptionists, instructors (i.e., knitting, computers, health education), RN’s, dentists, kitchen support staff, social workers, and those who serve in governance roles on our board of directors and advisory council. To all, from my heart: thank you! And if you’re reading this and want to learn about existing opportunities or suggest new offerings, please call!

As noted in the spring newsletter, we continue to plan for launching a sixth day of service at the Day Center later this year. Tune into our website and Facebook for updates.

Warmest regards,
Ruth Herold
Executive Director

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