Gail* is homeless and lives in a shelter. Her only shoes were worn, flat and unsupportive. The pain she felt with every step reminded her of her circumstance – no home, a few articles of clothing and one pair of ill-fitting shoes.

When she visited Elizabeth Gregory Home, she was warmly welcomed by our staff, given a nutritious meal and was able to get off her feet. When our staff learned of her painful shoes, they provided Gail with a pair of brand new tennis shoes that had been donated.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!” With the pain gone from her feet, Gail could not stop thanking our staff. This small and seemingly simple gift of a pair of tennis shoes makes a world of difference to Gail. Now she can walk without fear of pain and step forward toward self-sufficiency.

The smile on her face in the photo says it all.









*For privacy protection, “Gail” is a pseudonym

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