The advent of fall marks a shift in focus at EGH. Warm clothing, rainproof coats, and durable shoes tend to top the needs list. Thanks to receiving many generous in-kind donations, we are well-stocked to greet the chill the season brings. If you are among the many who contributed, thank you. If you’re curious about other needs we have for donations, please see our Needs List here.

(L-R) Kathy, Jodie, and Elaine

Gratitude for Volunteer Partners 

I will begin featuring steadfast volunteers who enable EGH to offer a rich variety of services and program options. I’d like to begin by highlighting the contributions of a duo who faithfully volunteer on a weekly basis.

Elaine Everitt was introduced to EGH by me in 2013 after we connected at a Toastmasters meeting. Upon touring and learning what we offer to homeless women, she decided to share her creative talents. In her words: “I enjoy connecting with women and have learned so much about the challenges they face as a result of being homeless. I am inspired by their resilience. I sometimes think they appreciate sitting and visiting as much as crocheting!”

Kathy Graunke has been teaching alongside Elaine since 2016. She came to EGH after seeing a presentation I did at St. Stephen’s Church. In her words:  “I was drawn to volunteer after witnessing the care that is given to each woman who comes to the Day Center: a place to rest in safety, to wash clothes, take a shower, eat a nice meal in the dining room, and get other kinds of support and help.  It has been a privilege to be at EGH every Monday for 2 hours and help Elaine teach a crocheting class.”

Status of Adding a Sixth Day of Service

Our staff continues to plan for the expansion of our Day Center’s offerings to include Sunday. The biggest remaining piece of the puzzle is hiring additional staff. If you know someone who might be interested in working with our team, please reach out to me by email at for details. Thanks!

Warmest regards,
Ruth Herold
Executive Director

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