It has taken some time to formulate our response as we have observed, contemplated, shared stories and most importantly, listened to each other.

Elizabeth Gregory Home exists solely for the women that we serve. Women from all walks of life who have experienced countless hardships well outside the realm of one’s imagination, come to us when they feel they have nowhere else to go. They aren’t wanted anywhere else, they aren’t safe anywhere else, they aren’t comfortable anywhere else.

It is a fact that homelessness disproportionately affects people of color, with new injustices having come to light recently. While this is not a new issue, it is more important than ever to take actionable steps that help us move the needle forward toward equity in our organization and ultimately our community. To that end, as an organization we are committee to:

  • Practicing Awareness. Coming from a place of privilege affords many of us who are housed the convenience of tuning out the media when things get to be “too much.” While we recognize the importance of self-care in times of crisis, we also must routinely remind ourselves that the women we serve do not have that luxury of deciding that they have had “too much.” Their lived experience is something that cannot just be turned off. Remembering this is an important way we can acknowledge the inequities that they experience every day.
  • Holding Space & Listening. We are committed to holding space for our clients. We listen without judgment, in line with our core values of respect, inclusion, community and empathy. We will not speak over or talk down to those who come to us seeking safety and acceptance.
  • Addressing Concerns & Adjusting Policies. Elizabeth Gregory Home commits to ongoing education around diversity and inclusion topics, and to re-evaluating policies and procedures relating to CLAS activities over time in response to any concerns of discrimination. (Read the full CLAS & Non-Discrimination Statement here)

Above all else, we want women accessing our services to know that we see them. We hear them. And we aren’t going anywhere. EGH will continue to be a place that fosters hope and for women to seek refuge and find respite.

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