Being homeless can be grueling. Imagine trying to get a good night’s sleep in a night shelter with as many as twenty-five strangers sleeping somewhere between a few feet to a few inches away from you. You have to worry about the safety of your personal belongings, as well as prepared to be woken up throughout the night with the noises of others. “You can’t let your guard down to really sleep deeply because you have everything you own with you,” said Mary, one of our clients. “Even though it might not be worth much, when it’s everything you have, it’s important. So you keep it close and try to keep an eye open when you try to sleep.”

Part of Elizabeth Gregory Home’s mission is to provide a welcoming and respectful refuge for homeless women, which is why EGH launched a sleeping program in September. By offering a safe, quiet place for women to rest during the day, they are better equipped physically and emotionally to tackle tasks that will help them move towards getting housed and accessing a source of income. For now, EGH is the only drop-in Day Center in the Seattle area that allows women to rest during the day.

EGH is incredibly grateful for the use of the University Lutheran Church’s choir room during the hours our drop-in Day Center is open Monday through Friday. The space is quiet, serene and comfortably accommodates up to eight mats at a time.

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