Over the past several months, Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH) has experienced changes on multiple levels. The following are highlights.

Staff: With growing numbers and needs of homeless and at-risk women in our community, the demand for growth in EGH offerings has never been greater. When I started as the full-time director in April of 2012, there were two staff members with feet on the ground: me and Michele Martin, who served as our Day Center Coordinator at that time (and now as our Operations Manager.) That year, EGH provided services to 448 women for a total of just over 6000 visits. Fast-forward to now. In 2018, we served 652 women for a total of 11,635 visits. Mirroring this growth, our staff has grown from two to five full-time employees.

Volunteers: EGH volunteers provided well over 1500 hours of service last year, and are critical to operations ranging from daily food provision to onsite dental care. Whether recruiting from the talented pool of clients in our midst or reaching out to volunteers in the community, we are committed to demonstrating our love and appreciation for each of their contributions that help make EGH a safe and welcoming refuge.

Board: With the recent addition of several new colleagues, we now have fifteen members – the most in our history. Their policy and fiduciary oversight continues to shape and sustain the foundation for our organization’s stability and growth.

Over the Rainbow Event: You can view photos of our annual fundraising dinner in this newsletter or on our website. By all measures, it was the most successful in our history: nearly 400 in attendance and we exceeded our goal by raising over $200,000! Feedback from our follow-up survey confirmed what we suspected: that the most impactful moments of the evening were the stories from our three participant presenters, Helen, Carolyn, and Dylan.

Program: On January 27th, EGH achieved its goal of offering programs and services on Sundays. The gratitude expressed by those women who have taken advantage of this additional day fuels our commitment to expand to seven days in the future.

As you read this, know that I appreciate your interest in learning more about Elizabeth Gregory Home. As a staff, we dedicate each day towards supporting each woman as she strives to attain the four H’s: health, heart, hope and home.

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