A note from Elizabeth Gregory Home Board Chair, Roger Morris:

As President of Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Board of Directors, I’ve had the privilege of peeking behind the curtain at our hard-working staff. Front and center has been our Executive Director, Ruth Herold. For over ten years, Ruth has worked tirelessly to fulfill EGH’s mission of providing a safe refuge and compassionate care to women experiencing homelessness. Her leadership and steadfast enthusiasm have propelled the organization from two paid employees in 2012 to our current staff of eleven, as well as growing a budget that is approaching $1 million.

Ruth retired as of December 15th. We recently celebrated Ruth including announcing that when the new kitchen/dining area renovation is completed, it will be named the “Ruth Herold Community Room” in her honor.


The EGH Board of Directors is currently working through the hiring process for Ruth’s replacement. In the meantime, EGH will be led by our talented management team comprised of Michele Martin, Operations Manager; Michelle Wick, Program Manager; Helene McOwen, Day Center Manager; and Mary Duncan, Development Officer. Mary will also assume the part-time role of Acting Executive Director until a new Executive Director is hired.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, we wholeheartedly commend Ruth for her outstanding service and stewardship of the organization and commitment to fostering Elizabeth Gregory Home’s core values of respect, inclusion, community and empathy.


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