A suitcase. A container for clothes and other belongings. Most of us think about luggage only when we are traveling on vacation or for work or to visit family. But to others, luggage is much more essential. It is needed to carry groceries if you don’t own a car. Luggage carries belongings when constantly on-the-move.  Luggage can be the difference between a hot, heavy, and uncomfortable trip and the ability move throughout the city in comfort, without stares.

Debra* lives in a 24-hour shelter but visits the EGH Day Center weekly to do laundry. She’s been lugging her dirty clothes in a garbage bag on the bus. Not only is the bag heavy and difficult to carry, but Debra must also cope with unapproving stares from others on the bus. Receiving a nice suitcase at the EGH Great Bag Giveaway, Debra can now discreetly transport her laundry and comfortably pull the luggage on wheels to EGH.

Many thanks to those who donated suitcases and bags to EGH.



*name changed for privacy & protection

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