Transitional Housing


Brenda’s Story

Brenda came to EGH when she became homeless for the first time at age 52 after fleeing from an abusive husband.

After going through our screening process, Brenda was accepted into our transitional housing program where women live in a shared home for up to two years while receiving the services they need to transition out of homelessness.

At Elizabeth Gregory Home, Brenda found a household with residents sharing the responsibilities and support of a community experience. Prospective residents are interviewed and selected by a careful intake process to ensure they are committed to setting goals, developing self-esteem, and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Elizabeth Gregory Home provided Brenda, and many other women, with a safe place to live and the support and guidance they need to get back on their feet. We offer supportive services for six months to two years to prepare women to live independently and reduce their risk of returning to the streets.

Professionally trained staff from Elizabeth Gregory Home coordinate the program and manage the facility. We provide comprehensive case-management that includes working with the women on their self-identified life goals.

With the support of EGH, Brenda was able to return to school, become recertified as a nursing assistant and find stable employment.

Elizabeth Gregory Home

Elizabeth Gregory Home

Day Center

IMG_0235Being homeless means women lack many of the simple things we take for granted every day – clean clothes, a place to eat, or just somewhere to sit down and rest.

To meet these needs the EGH drop-in Day Center is open five days a week, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. At EGH we try to provide as many of these basic needs as we can.

The drop-in Day Center provides clients with a range of vital services. Clients have the opportunity to meet with EGH Care Managers for referrals, support and advocacy to obtain educational and vocational training, job skills, employment, medical care, mental health counseling, drug and alcohol support, and referrals to long-term housing. Homeless women who access the drop-in center can work with our care managers to secure housing and, based on eligibility, have access to our transitional housing program upon openings.

In addition, the Day Center offers:

  • Accessible showers.
  • Computer and Internet Access so women can learn job skills, research educational and job opportunities, and stay in touch with family and friends.
  • EGH accepts Mail and Phone Messages for our drop in clients so they have a phone number and address to give out to potential employers, landlords and other agencies.
  • A communal Dining Area and Kitchen stocked with food that has been donated offers communal dining or the women can cook their own meals.
  • Restrooms and Laundry Facilities.
  • Volunteer led Classes that help build social skills, job skills and encourage healthy physical activity.
  • Weekly Health Advocate to assist women in accessing health care resources.

For Clients


Sam and RoseElizabeth Gregory Home provides a warm, welcoming day center and a transitional housing program for homeless women in our community.

Transitional Housing

Elizabeth Gregory Home provides a seven bedroom home for single homeless women, where they can live in a safe environment. Elizabeth Gregory Home provides a safe place for women leaving shelters to find the support and guidance they need to get back on their feet.

The Transitional Housing Program is located in the Maple leaf neighborhood in North Seattle. We offer supportive services for six months to two years to prepare participants to live independently and reduce the risk of returning to the streets. Professionally trained staff from Elizabeth Gregory Home coordinate the program and manage the facility. We provide comprehensive care management, which includes working with residents on their self-identified life goals.

Elizabeth Gregory Home functions as a household, with residents sharing the responsibilities and support of a community experience. Prospective residents are interviewed and selected by a careful intake process that ensures
that our guests are committed to setting goals, developing self-esteem, and breaking the cycle of homelessness. Elizabeth Gregory Home endeavors to be an important part of the community and a good neighbor to those around us.

EGH Day Center

Elizabeth Gregory Home provides a drop in center for women that is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm and offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Computer lab with internet access.
  • Free laundry facilities.
  • Individual care management services.
  • Kitchen with food for cooking and a dining area.
  • Mail and phone message.
  • Restrooms.
  • Showers.
  • Weekly health advocate.

Women have the opportunity to meet with EGH Care Managers for referrals, support and advocacy to obtain educational and vocational training, job skills, employment, medical care, mental health counseling, drug and alcohol support, and referrals to long-term housing. Women who are homeless who access the drop-in center have the opportunity to work with our Care Managers to secure housing and, based on eligibility, have access to our transitional housing program upon openings.

For questions about the program, please contact us at (206) 729-0262 or visit us in the Day Center, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Once again, thank you for your interest in Elizabeth Gregory Home. Map to Center.

Carolyn’s story

Carolyn Looks Forward to Resting at EGH on Sundays Carolyn is a 72-year-old retired teacher. “I thought my retirement years were supposed to be a time to relax – but then I became homeless. I never expected to spend them sleeping in my car and lugging around my belongings from shelter to shelter,” Carolyn said. “After living in my car for so long, I really wanted to find a place of my own. Last year,… Read More “Carolyn’s story”

I Know Where My Life is Going

I left my husband to save my life. He is an oil executive. For many happy years, we traveled the world for his job. But once we settled down in Houston he became controlling and violent. He wanted a stay-at-home wife. I wanted to continue my career as a model. I had success in Houston and even won a statewide competition. The abuse escalated to the point where he actually tried to kill me. In… Read More “I Know Where My Life is Going”

Vera’s Hardest Job

It was January of 2017 when I tripped and fell in front of my apartment. I didn’t remember anything until I woke up from surgery in a hospital bed. They told me if I had bled for two minutes longer, I would not have survived. I needed to relearn how to walk and talk, so I was sent to a physical rehab center after being discharged from the hospital. This meant I had to give… Read More “Vera’s Hardest Job”

Annie’s Story

In 2016, I was working at a nursing home that specialized in caring for elderly people with dementia. Then I had to give up my job to take care of my father, who had diabetes.  I had no money after he passed, which led to my homelessness. Not knowing where to stay, I was directed to a camp under the Ballard Bridge. While there, I met Bubba, who is now my service dog. Bubba alerts… Read More “Annie’s Story”

Bobbi’s story

I never imagined I would ever end up homeless. I worked for twenty years for the City of Seattle in the Human Services Department.  As a divorced single parent, I raised five children – three daughters and two younger brothers. All five children grew up and now live productive lives, including one daughter who has blessed me with a grandson! In 2006 I was injured on the job, which led to a long series of… Read More “Bobbi’s story”

Angie’s Story

My first defining moment occurred the day I was born in Wiesbaden, West Germany, in 1956. I was separated from my mother and placed in a foundling home until I was four years old, then moved to an orphanage in Frankfurt. When I was six, James and Hildegard Dysart adopted me. Soon after, we moved to America. When I was 8, I was frequently called to the principal’s office for drawing in the classroom or fighting… Read More “Angie’s Story”

Homeless Grandmother Patiently Awaits Housing

I was born in 1952 at King County Hospital (now Harborview), attended Bailey Gatzert elementary and graduated from Pacific High School. My girlfriend from school and I went to the World’s Fair in 1962.  We saved up every cent we could to ride the dime shuttle to the Seattle Center. Can you believe the bus was just ten cents?! My mom drank a lot back then. She had a hard life as a single mother.… Read More “Homeless Grandmother Patiently Awaits Housing”

Tent City to Teacher

I became homeless on October 1st of this year. A good friend who was going through tough times begged me to move to Seattle to be her roommate. Unfortunately, one day I came home to find all my stuff outside. Rather than confront her, I opted to simply pick up my belongings and leave. I found a space at Tent City 4 at University Congregational Church, right down the street from Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Day… Read More “Tent City to Teacher”

Lisa’s New Lease on Life

What’s most important to me in life is my family and my faith. I have two children and two granddaughters, and belong to a church. In 2013, I heard my church was looking for people to serve as missionaries at an orphanage in Mexico. I jumped at the opportunity. I served for two years, but could not continue to do that work due to physical limitations, so I moved back to Seattle to be with… Read More “Lisa’s New Lease on Life”

Lee’s story

“You all have made a difference in my life” – Lee Lee, who is a domestic violence survivor, has been homeless for over seven years. Her husband was a trucker, driving eighteen wheelers from state to state and for years his long hauls kept her safe. She and their four children tried to keep a fragile peace during his short visits, but inevitably he would erupt in violence. “He could be really sweet and caring… Read More “Lee’s story”

Angel Has Big Dreams

I became homeless after fleeing an abusive and alcoholic family living situation. A lot of the prejudice and violence occurred because my family couldn’t understand — or accept– that I am a transgender woman. After leaving, I lived with different friends, sleeping on their couches for over a year until all those connections got burned out. I found myself alone in the world, with no money and no one to turn to. I had a… Read More “Angel Has Big Dreams”

Christie Lands a New Job!

I became homeless because of family problems. In my younger life, my dad was very abusive and I was going through a lot of trauma. By the time I was 15, I was homeless and sleeping on a friend’s couch while I struggled to finish high school. As I look back, I now realize I’ve actually been homeless my entire adult life. Before I found EGH, my life was very chaotic. I was angry all… Read More “Christie Lands a New Job!”

Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany became homeless in 2015 after leaving her husband. With no support network in Tacoma, she came to Seattle to find help. She was staying in a local shelter when she learned of EGH. “When I first came to EGH I was shocked. Everyone was so nice. It wasn’t like any other shelter I had been to. People were so welcoming and non-judgmental.” Tiffany has worked hard to overcome challenges, including staying clean and sober… Read More “Tiffany’s Story”

Emily’s Uphill Climb

My story doesn’t begin with me. I come from a family of addicts. I lost my grandmother and uncle to suicide.  My birth father was an addict and left when I was two.  Fortunately, my mother was able to break the cycle and lived a sober life. She provided much love and guidance, yet the tentacles of depression and addiction permeated our lives in ways I only recently discovered. I was born and raised in… Read More “Emily’s Uphill Climb”

Luci’s Story

After being sexually assaulted by her boss when she was 23 years old, Luci moved from Des Moines, WA, to Seattle to get away. “It was a big deal,” Luci said. “It sort of drove me insane. I didn’t feel safe anywhere after that.” Once in Seattle, she was able to get into a local group home for youth and started to put her life back together. She got a job at Goodwill and eventually… Read More “Luci’s Story”

Josie’s Story

My story began in the Philippines. I was married, had three beautiful children, and was a successful businesswoman. After 26 years, my marriage collapsed. I had to take my husband to court to try and get my fair share of our assets, but the court ruled in his favor. I was left with nothing. Thankfully, my children were adults, as I had no choice but to move to Seattle to temporarily live with my elderly… Read More “Josie’s Story”

Carolyn’s story

“I Witnessed Acceptance On a Daily Basis”   I was born in California and removed from my biological mother at 18 months. Thereafter I lived in foster families, including living with my first grade teacher for a while. In fact, that was my happiest childhood memory. When I turned ten, my biological father decided he wanted me to live with an aunt and uncle in Redmond, Washington, where I remained for many years. I started… Read More “Carolyn’s story”

Leona’s Story

“My mom told me that she loved me and that she would see me again, and the very next day she died.” Leona’s mom had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Leona had been her care giver for over a decade before she passed. After her mother’s death, her uncle was named guardian and she went to live with him. Within the year, her uncle kicked her out of his home because she was gay… Read More “Leona’s Story”

Sarah’s Story

Sarah moved from Fresno to Seattle in 2011 in order to meet her father for the first time. She then secured a job at a salmon cannery in Alaska, and after a couple of months of hard work, returned to Seattle to stay with her father. She lived with him for several years before moving out on her own. This past August, Sarah had a mental health breakdown, which resulted in losing both her job… Read More “Sarah’s Story”

Pyxey’s story

“EGH Was Awesome in Advocating for Me.” by Pyxey I thought my years of homelessness had ended when I received a Section-8 voucher from Peninsula Housing in Jefferson County. Then my apartment building was inspected and cited for health and safety code violations and the landlord did not comply with housing authority regulations. Once again, I didn’t have a permanent living situation. In March of this year, I moved to Seattle hoping there would be… Read More “Pyxey’s story”

Jodie’s Story – Veteran’s Day

Jodie is a 69 year old veteran who has lived in her car and in shelters for the past two years. She served in the Army for 12 years as a dental therapist. “I really enjoyed the Service,” Jodie said. “It was a great experience. I got to travel and lived in Germany for a year.” After she was honorably discharged from the Army, Jodie found a job at the post office and worked there… Read More “Jodie’s Story – Veteran’s Day”

Melissa’s Story

I am 46 years old, I am profoundly deaf and I am homeless. I became homeless five months ago; it wasn’t planned but I knew it was going to happen eventually. My roommate was not reliable and even though I paid my portion of the rent, she didn’t pay the landlord. I didn’t know what to do when I was living on the streets. I met a woman at the park who could sign and… Read More “Melissa’s Story”

Domestic Violence and Homelessness

“Without EGH, I wouldn’t be making such huge strides in my health or career goals.” By Jasmin (pseudonym) I came to EGH after getting a divorce. I am a domestic violence survivor. I lost everything in the divorce, and found myself emotionally broken and homeless. I am educated, hard-working, and drug free and never pictured myself homeless. I had always assumed that most homeless people were in that situation because they were unwilling to work… Read More “Domestic Violence and Homelessness”

Raennen’s story

Last year, I was living with my mom in an apartment when she lost her job and we became homeless. I was able to sleep on the couch at my cousin’s house for a couple of months until I found a full-time job at Panera Bread. I decided I could make it financially by moving in with my boyfriend since we could pool our money. But he became abusive and I couldn’t live there anymore.… Read More “Raennen’s story”

Remembering Liisa

Liisa has been homeless off and on since Elizabeth Gregory Home opened in 2006. She learned about EGH when the Seattle Police Department’s Community Service Officers referred her to the WHEEL shelter that operates in the basement of University Lutheran Church. She discovered the EGH drop-in Day Center when it opened in 2007, and because of the close proximity, would help the center prepare to open in the morning. Liisa began volunteering for Michele Martin… Read More “Remembering Liisa”

Evie’s Story

“EGH is one of the best places to come if you are looking to get back on your feet…. people here offer a great support system for recovery.” By Evie L. After my child passed away, I turned to alcohol. I was able to hold on to my job for a while, but ultimately I lost it.  I couldn’t believe how quickly I ran out of savings. I remember my first night out on the… Read More “Evie’s Story”

Sandra’s Story

“It was my time to heal, regroup and come up with a game plan for my future.” By Sandra Four years ago, I found myself in a position I thought I would never be in. I was on the streets of Seattle with no place to go. The stigma, the shame and the fear of being homeless hit me. The desire to stay stuck in a state of despair was overwhelming, but I had to… Read More “Sandra’s Story”

EGH – The Last Pet Friendly Refuge for Some

“I was ready to give up until I found Elizabeth Gregory Home. My service animal was going to go to the pound and I was going to go walk into the woods…” by Lynne S. My service animal Wigglz means the world to me, but when we first became homeless in 2015 it felt like the world was against us.  It wasn’t always this way. After adopting her, I had an apartment, but over the… Read More “EGH – The Last Pet Friendly Refuge for Some”

Mattie is Finally Home

Mattie is quick with a smile and kind word. She has good reason to smile these days as she just moved into her own one bedroom apartment through Seattle’s Senior Housing Program. “My apartment is so nice,” exclaimed Mattie. “I love my bathroom.” Mattie lived most of her life and raised her family in Omaha. After her daughter was killed by a drunk driver, she had to make a change and moved to Seattle. What… Read More “Mattie is Finally Home”

Alexis’ Story


As a transgendered woman, Alexis’ first experience being homeless was frightening and unpleasant. When she went to a shelter to spend the night, they demanded to see her ID. She refused since she hadn’t changed the letters on her ID from M (male) to F (female) and was afraid what the shelter might do. Her fears were realized when they told her she would be put with the men for the night. Alexis scraped together… Read More “Alexis’ Story”

Michele’s Story

In 2010, Michele Martin found herself homeless. While residing in transitional housing at Aloha Inn, Michele re-engaged in the workforce as an AARP volunteer at Elizabeth Gregory Home. Since then she was able to reunite with her husband and flourish as the “hub” of the EGH Day Center. Michele Martin was hired as the Day Center Supervisor in September 2010 and continues to work for EGH in her role as Operations Manager. Her insight and compassion for… Read More “Michele’s Story”

Theresa’s Story

Theresa discovered the EGH Day Center while staying at the overnight shelter in University Lutheran Church.  She immediately pitched in and volunteered for cooking, cleaning and helping other clients. When we had an opening in our transitional housing program, she was a natural choice. Theresa always had a passion for cooking, yet her skills were not fully marketable in the workplace. While at EGH, Theresa applied for and was accepted at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. EGH… Read More “Theresa’s Story”

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