“I can’t for the life of me remember how I first heard about Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH),” Diane said. “It must have been a newspaper article or something.” Diane’s mother had just passed away and she needed something to do. “I started helping the ladies move in and out of the transitional house,” Diane continued. “I loved doing it, but it wasn’t enough.” She approached EGH staff to ask if she could get more involved. “Use me, I have LOTS of time,” Diane said. Michele Martin explained that EGH really needed help with the food pick-up from Food Lifeline. In the summer of 2013 Diane started driving down to Food Lifeline with another volunteer to pick up food for EGH each week.  “The ladies were always so happy about all the food coming in on delivery day,” continued Diane. “Eventually, I started staying after the delivery was done to help out where needed.”

Diane continues to be a vital member of the EGH family, coming in to volunteer at the Day Center several days each week. She also continues to help women move in and/or out of the transitional home as needed. When asked why she keeps coming back, Diane enthusiastically replied, “Because of the women. They are so appreciative and I really get tremendous satisfaction out of helping them.”

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