“Without EGH, I wouldn’t be making such huge strides in my health or career goals.”

By Jasmin (pseudonym)

I came to EGH after getting a divorce. I am a domestic violence survivor. I lost everything in the divorce, and found myself emotionally broken and homeless. I am educated, hard-working, and drug free and never pictured myself homeless. I had always assumed that most homeless people were in that situation because they were unwilling to work or because they had issues with addiction. I now realize that the right set of circumstances could land anyone in this situation.

I have met so many women from so many different backgrounds and I have been inspired by the strength, intelligence, and beauty of these women. EGH is very good at getting to know clients and becoming familiar with each individual’s needs, issues, and goals. This tailored mentoring strategy is very successful and I have seen so many women transition back to ‘normal’ life.

After receiving supportive services from EGH, I have been able to heal physically and emotionally. I have also started on a new career path, one that I would not have been able to manage without the services offered at EGH.

Being homeless has been physically and emotionally exhausting, but it has made me a better person. It is a journey that has taught me a lot about empathy, being humble, and never giving up. I am less judgmental, more humble, more grateful, and more giving than I used to be. I have also greatly improved my communication skills, which has translated to success for me in the workplace.

EGH has been instrumental in my success. They provide clothing, hygiene items, showers, healthy meals, snacks, access to computers, bus tickets, and case management. They also help you get your food handler’s permit, and have a supervised kitchen so that clients can cook their own meals.

I am currently saving money and waiting for housing. Without EGH, I do not feel I would be making such huge strides in my health or career goals. I am now healthy enough and in a good enough mindset to volunteer at EGH, and I regularly clean and cook at the facility when I have time to do so. I have also landed a job and continue to apply for positions using the EGH computers.

I am so thankful for all the people who contribute and donate to EGH. Please know that your contributions are making a positive difference in women’s lives, which in turn makes our community a better place.


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