As a transgendered woman, Alexis’ first experience being homeless was frightening and unpleasant. When she went to a shelter to spend the night, they demanded to see her ID. She refused since she hadn’t changed the letters on her ID from M (male) to F (female) and was afraid what the shelter might do. Her fears were realized when they told her she would be put with the men for the night.

Alexis scraped together what money she had and stayed at a hotel rather than be subjected to possible harassment or worse.

Afterwards, Alexis came to EGH’s Day Center and made use of the facilities to look for work and tidy up for job interviews. Using the Day Center was a big help. “It’s a full time job to be in the shelter system,” she said. Alexis was able to find job opportunities and get ready for interviews.  Alexis now works for the City of Seattle and has continued to be engaged with EGH for almost three years.

“Elizabeth Gregory Home is the only place I’ve found that I feel totally safe and accepted.”

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