After 20 years of homelessness, Cassandra has finally found a home.


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Cassandra is a well-known and well-loved client at EGH,

It was 2017 when Cassandra first showed up at Elizabeth Gregory Home. At that point, she had already been on the streets for over a decade.

She came to EGH in need of a place to rest and regroup during the day. The emotional support of the staff is what she credits for helping her find the courage to seek treatment for her substance use disorder and continue to work on her personal recovery. Cassandra is so grateful for having a place to sleep, shower, and eat great food every day.

“The best thing I have ever eaten at EGH was on my birthday this year. They made beef stew and peanut butter cookie dough ice cream just for me that day. It was SO good that I cried.”

“It’s just amazing—I can’t describe it any other way. You guys care so much about us here.”

Recently, several years after applying for a Section 8 voucher, Cassandra was notified that she was granted one and was eligible to apply for an apartment. Her application was accepted for a one-bedroom place south of Seattle. This will be the first time she has had a home to call her own in 20 years!

Besides being excited about her new home, Cassandra is grateful to have a solid support system of friends and staff at Elizabeth Gregory Home. She says that when she moves into her new apartment, she is going to have a big celebration for herself to acknowledge the milestones she has achieved.

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