I became homeless because of family problems. In my younger life, my dad was very abusive and I was going through a lot of trauma. By the time I was 15, I was homeless and sleeping on a friend’s couch while I struggled to finish high school. As I look back, I now realize I’ve actually been homeless my entire adult life.

Before I found EGH, my life was very chaotic. I was angry all the time, I didn’t trust anyone, I never slept in the same place, and I started using drugs. There wasn’t anyone around me who was a true friend. No one who was able to be supportive or who could help me move forward in a positive direction.

The turning point was when I met another homeless woman who was looking for the same thing I was: stability, safety and support. She brought me over to EGH on the bus. That was really big! Since then, I’ve been able to sleep in the same shelter every night and find the resources I need to get my life together.

EGH gives real support to people to help them get off the street. I was able to use the computers at EGH to apply for work. The result of my efforts is that I just got a job at Planned Parenthood!  I hope that I can build skills in an office setting that will help me develop a career in administrative work.

Even though homelessness is a big problem, we are individuals who can succeed in life. If everyone in the community would get involved and do what they can, I’m sure there would be a lot less suffering. I am grateful that EGH is there to help me and others who are homeless.

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