“EGH is one of the best places to come if you are looking to get back on your feet…. people here offer a great support system for recovery.”

By Evie L.

After my child passed away, I turned to alcohol. I was able to hold on to my job for a while, but ultimately I lost it.  I couldn’t believe how quickly I ran out of savings. I remember my first night out on the streets. I stayed right in front of the police precinct on 7th avenue thinking that it might be safe there. It would really be helpful if there was a handbook for the newly homeless. Maybe people wouldn’t be put into such dangerous situations.

I soon got into an overnight shelter and after a couple of days I noticed other women coming in with nice clothes and groceries from Whole Foods Market. I asked them how they could afford to buy it, and they reluctantly told me about Elizabeth Gregory Home. Apparently, they thought they had tapped into a great resource and didn’t want too many other women to know about it!

When I first came to EGH I thought it was like the Fred Meyer of service providers: a one stop shop. You can get food, use the laundry and take a shower, get clothing, use the computers, and sleep. From my perspective, they offer more help than other places. Michele Martin, the Operations Manager, has always been so helpful to me. When I really need something like socks or bus tickets, if EGH has it to give, they do. If they don’t, Michele is always straight with me.

In essence, EGH has been my home while not having a home. For me, it provides a place of refuge, salvation and sense of community, and for that I truly thank and appreciate the staff. I’ve learned not to wallow in self-pity in a place where women embrace change. I can now accept that change.

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