Janet has been bringing in-kind donations to Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Day Center on a regular basis for over five years. She has developed a network of people who help gather items that our women need. Just last week, several of her friends had daughters heading off to college who cleaned out their closets before they left. Thanks to Janet connecting them with EGH, many women who are homeless benefited from those donations.

Janet also hosts multi-family garage sales each summer to benefit a breast cancer fund. After each sale, she brings items that didn’t sell that she knows our Day Center needs, such as sheets, towels, blankets, and gently used clothing and shoes. Recently, she brought in several nearly new backpacks and rolling suitcases, both of which are greatly sought after by our clients.

Janet is a great example of how one person can have a big impact on the lives of women seeking support and services from Elizabeth Gregory Home. Please visit www.eghseattle.org/donations to find our current list of needed items. Thank you!


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