Jodie is a 69 year old veteran who has lived in her car and in shelters for the past two years. She served in the Army for 12 years as a dental therapist. “I really enjoyed the Service,” Jodie said. “It was a great experience. I got to travel and lived in Germany for a year.”

After she was honorably discharged from the Army, Jodie found a job at the post office and worked there for 11 years. She completed her 25 years of government service at the Veteran’s Administration, which made her eligible for retirement pension. When the single-family home Jodie was renting was sold to build condominiums, she couldn’t find another place to live.

Jodie became homeless in 2014 and was living in her car for four months before an outreach worker from El Centro de la Raza spoke to her about getting connected with support services. She was referred to an overnight shelter in the Greenwood neighborhood where a number of women who come to Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH) stay at night. They let her know about EGH and told her that she would be welcomed, so she came with them one day.

“The staff at EGH are very helpful,” said Jodie. Jodie uses a walker to get around and prefers to rest in a recliner while here at EGH.

The week before last we heard that Jodie got into permanent housing, but she had to turn it down. “When I went to visit the place, there were stairs,” said Jodie. “Because I use a walker, I can’t do stairs, so it didn’t work out for me.”

“I’m thankful that EGH is here for me,” said Jodie. “I can get some rest, and the food is real good too.” Jodie knows that she will be welcome at EGH for as long as she needs our support and services.

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