Mattie is quick with a smile and kind word. She has good reason to smile these days as she just moved into her own one bedroom apartment through Seattle’s Senior Housing Program. “My apartment is so nice,” exclaimed Mattie. “I love my bathroom.”

Mattie lived most of her life and raised her family in Omaha. After her daughter was killed by a drunk driver, she had to make a change and moved to Seattle. What she discovered was that life here is more expensive and her meager income from Social Security didn’t stretch far enough to make ends meet. Thus she found herself homeless three years ago.

“I thank God for all the women here at Elizabeth Gregory Home,” Mattie said. “At first I thought this place was just like the other shelter programs for homeless, but it’s different. Staff and other women are nice to me here and they don’t treat you like you’re homeless.” Mattie didn’t know it the first time she walked through the doors of Elizabeth Gregory Home, but the resources and connections she made here would help her navigate the provider network and secure housing. EGH not only offered her a safe place to rest during the day and hot nutritious meals, but afforded her access to computers where she was able to complete an online application for Senior Housing. EGH staff connected her with St. Vincent DePaul of St. Catherine’s Parish. They were able to provide her with a security deposit with a mere three hours’ notice!

Mattie was greeted and welcomed by her new neighbors on her first day in her apartment. When they noticed she didn’t have any furniture, they brought over a small couch and a rocking chair. “I was afraid that once I got housing I wouldn’t be allowed to come back to EGH,” Mattie said. “I’m glad I can still come here.” For Mattie and many other women, Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Day Center continues to serve as their ongoing support network where they know they are always welcome.

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