The first thing you notice about Midge is her smart British accent, but immediately thereafter her warmth and compassion shines through. That’s probably why the women we serve feel so comfortable opening up to her. Midge learned about EGH through the What If Network Seattle (WINS) group and began volunteering with EGH four years ago. She felt homelessness was such a huge problem and wanted to do something that would make a difference.

Midge is part of our Care Team of staff and trained volunteers who provide information, referrals and the resources each woman needs to transform her life. Midge meets with two women who reside in the EGH Transitional Home each week to keep them on track with their plans. Each resident creates a plan with self-determined goals to secure income, develop skills, and move out of homelessness and into permanent housing.
“It’s very rewarding working with people who are so appreciative,” said Midge. “People often have no one to listen to them and need to be heard.”

During her time at EGH Midge has learned a great deal about homelessness and how the women we serve cope. “These women are so frequently isolated from family and friends and don’t have the support they need to overcome their problems. With the combination of medical and financial problems, I marvel at how some of these women cope and are still able to function.”

Midge also enjoys her role as preceptor working with University of Washington Street Medicine, a group of students from a range of specialties who come in each month to go over general health information with the women and provide advice and referrals as needed. “It’s so inspiring that so many students are involved,” said Midge. “I am so very glad for the day that I was introduced to EGH.”

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