“EGH Was Awesome in Advocating for Me.”

by Pyxey

I thought my years of homelessness had ended when I received a Section-8 voucher from Peninsula Housing in Jefferson County. Then my apartment building was inspected and cited for health and safety code violations and the landlord did not comply with housing authority regulations. Once again, I didn’t have a permanent living situation.

In March of this year, I moved to Seattle hoping there would be more housing opportunities. I had to camp out in local parks or sleep in my car. I came to EGH through a referral from a fellow camper and immediately sought help in finding suitable housing. The Day Center is full of resources and a bunch of stuff that helps me to get through the day so that I can accomplish other things.

I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder as a child which is a developmental disorder that impairs my ability to communicate and interact with others. I know I have problems with communication, especially with authority figures, including landlords, which makes the search for housing even more difficult for me.

With the help of Michele Martin, I was able to ask for special accommodations to extend my Section-8 housing voucher and now it works in King County. Michele made dozens of calls to area landlords and was able to negotiate on my behalf and now I have a new home. I moved in on August 20th. I still come to EGH pretty much every day and help out by vacuuming the Day Center.

Now that I have an apartment, I can focus on my education and career. I hope that having a permanent home will afford me the opportunity to enroll at Bastyr University and get a degree in naturopathy.

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