I became homeless on October 1st of this year. A good friend who was going through tough times begged me to move to Seattle to be her roommate. Unfortunately, one day I came home to find all my stuff outside. Rather than confront her, I opted to simply pick up my belongings and leave.

I found a space at Tent City 4 at University Congregational Church, right down the street from Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Day Center. On my first day there, I walked up to EGH and the smell of something cooking drew me in. The smell of that cooking reminded me of home.

I felt very welcomed at EGH. Mostly, I used the showers — the hot water was wonderful! In general, women help each other out and that’s a wonderful thing. The voice of Valerie, the Day Center Coordinator, made me feel like she was giving me a hug.

Karen, the Housing Navigator, helped me with advice about pursuing my educational goals. My long-term goal is to complete my Masters of Educational Policy and Leadership, then work on my doctorate. I hope to be teaching as soon as I can complete the state’s requirements beyond my undergraduate degree.

Right now, however, the good news is that I just got a job with an afterschool program for K-5 students in South Park. My girlfriend got a job as a live-in nanny. What’s amazing is that the family has agreed to let both of us live there.

I want to thank Elizabeth Gregory Home for giving me a safe place to rest, good food and hot showers. Thanks to the support I found at EGH, I think I’ll be just fine. The next time I go to EGH I’ll be there to give back as a volunteer.

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