Tiffany became homeless in 2015 after leaving her husband. With no support network in Tacoma, she came to Seattle to find help. She was staying in a local shelter when she learned of EGH. “When I first came to EGH I was shocked. Everyone was so nice. It wasn’t like any other shelter I had been to. People were so welcoming and non-judgmental.”

Tiffany has worked hard to overcome challenges, including staying clean and sober for over three years. Remarkably, she has been able to hold down a full-time job while being homeless and negotiating the shelter system each night.  “It’s really hard to manage my time,” said Tiffany. “You just have to stay strong and keep a clear mind. Being around people who are sober and working steadily helps me stay on track.”

“EGH has had a major impact on my ability to keep moving forward,” Tiffany said.  “Thanks to EGH I can get the rest I need and eat good healthy meals. I can do a load of laundry while I take a shower. I also have worked with Michele on getting housing over the past year.”

This week, Tiffany moved into her own studio apartment on Capitol Hill and is excited about decorating her new home. “Being a transgender woman has not slowed me down in any way,” said Tiffany. I’ve been employed and now I’ve got my own place! My new apartment is just steps away from my job, so it’s fantastic.”

Tiffany works at a local hotel and her dream is to one day become the General Manager. She would eventually like to go back to school to study Hospitality Management.

“I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now if it weren’t for EGH,” Tiffany said. “EGH is a great place for transgender people and women, in general, to come and get back on their feet.”

Update: Tiffany was able to secure market-rate housing on Capital Hill just steps away from her job.

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