After moving to Washington State from Indiana, Victoria knew she wanted to volunteer at an organization serving a cause she could be passionate about. Victoria, who is both an RN and a psychotherapist, initially started her volunteer journey at EGH as a yoga instructor.

Since then, she has been instrumental in developing Day Center hygiene protocols, supporting and referring women with acute medical needs and acting as a vibrant member of the EGH Care Team.

Victoria next committed to serve as the Care Manager of our transitional housing program for at least one year. In that role, she volunteered 20+ hours/week guiding women towards improving their life skills in four critical areas: attaining permanent housing, building financial stability, maintaining social connections, and developing interpersonal skills.

When asked about her vision for the women she’s coaching, guiding and supporting, she replied: “100% of the women will never be homeless again when they move out of the transitional house.”

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