Local artist, Cheryl Richey attended our annual benefit dinner in March and was moved by the stories presented by women experiencing homelessness. Cheryl has since reached out to EGH to offer the proceeds from the sale of her work as well as to offer a collage-making workshop for EGH clients this month.

The pieces created by the EGH workshop participants highlight images of significance to this homeless population. One participant said, “I love making art and doing collages. It helps me express truths that are hidden in my subconscious.” Collages created by EGH clients will be on display in the EGH Day Center throughout July.

“I enjoyed the first day of the collage-making workshop,” said Cheryl. “The mix of clients was great and their energy was both good fun and very reinforcing.”

Cheryl’s latest works center on major social problems, including homelessness, drug addiction, and gun violence. A former professor of social work at the University of Washington, Cheryl says, “I feel empowered and destined to make sure we continue to pay attention to such pressing, consuming, and far-reaching issues such as these.” Her three mixed-media panels focusing on these three social problems is entitled “911 – What is Your Emergency?” and will be on view from July 3 – September 28, 2018, as part of a Women Painters of Washington’s exhibit at the Columbia Center Building, Suite 310, in downtown Seattle. Gallery hours are Monday – Friday, 11 am – 4 pm. More information about the exhibit can be found at www.womenpainters.com or by calling 206-624-0543.

Cheryl has generously offered to donate her artist commission to EGH upon the sale of the collage panel that represents homelessness. We are so grateful!

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