You Make the Difference

Volunteers and individual donors are the heart of Elizabeth Gregory Home. Without volunteers, we could not help nearly as many women or provide the range of services offered.

There are many gratifying ways to get involved at EGH and help women break the cycle of homelessness. We can work around your schedule, accommodate your needs, and utilize your skills to the best extent possible while getting you involved with Elizabeth Gregory Home.

Here are just a few of the volunteer opportunities available right now at EGH:

Front Desk Receptionist

The Receptionist is the first person to greet visitors to the Elizabeth Gregory Home Day Center. This position is responsible for creating a welcoming environment at the front desk and to assist women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to sign in.

Age: 18 +

Time Commitment: At lease one four hour shift each week for a mimimum of three months.

Volunteer Application

Day Center Assistant

The Day Center Assistant is a flexible position with varied tasks and duties including but not limited to assisting clients access services such as housing and wellness appointments, signing women in for laundry or showers, helping in the kitchen where a nutritious breakfast and lunch is served daily and helping where needed.

Age: 18+

Time Commitment: Shifts are flexible Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm with a minimum three-month commitment.

Volunteer Application

Donation Drive Coordinator

In-kind donations are a critical resource for Elizabeth Gregory Home. We would not be able to help women who are homeless and working to improve their lives with clothing or hygiene supplies without the support we enjoy for the community. Each year we reach out for items at different times of the year, such as winter coats in the fall and blankets in the cold winter months, rain gear in the spring. The Day Center always needs hygiene supplies. EGH staff can provide support and advice throughout your drive be creating flyers and/or posters for your school or office and providing lists of most needed items. For more information or to launch a drive, please contact Elizabeth Stevenson (206) 729-0292 ext. 1006

Special Projects

Do you have a special skill or talent to share that will help EGH? You can help EGH grow and move forward with by volunteering your professional services such as pro bono accounting or legal services, graphic design, website and tech support, trainings and translation services. Additionally, the following opportunities to join the EGH team are available.

  • Arts and crafts workshops
  • Assist women moving into new housing
  • Beautician (haircuts and manicures)
  • Birthday parties – monthly
  • Chemical Dependency/ Addiction Specialists
  • Driver for donation pick-up
  • Help prepare bulk mailings
  • Monthly pizza party sponsor
  • Writers for newsletter, website content and social media
  • Website maintenance

If you wish to share your special skills or talents, please contact Program Manager, Christine Carr directly at (206) 729-0262 ext. 1008


After moving to Washington State from Indiana, Victoria knew she wanted to volunteer at an organization serving a cause she could be passionate about. Victoria, who is both an RN and a psychotherapist, initially started her volunteer journey at EGH as a yoga instructor. Since then, she has been instrumental in developing Day Center hygiene… . . . Read More “Victoria”

Diane – Volunteers are the Heart of EGH

“I can’t for the life of me remember how I first heard about Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH),” Diane said. “It must have been a newspaper article or something.” Diane’s mother had just passed away and she needed something to do. “I started helping the ladies move in and out of the transitional house,” Diane continued.… . . . Read More “Diane – Volunteers are the Heart of EGH”

Midge – Volunteers are the Heart of EGH

The first thing you notice about Midge is her smart British accent, but immediately thereafter her warmth and compassion shines through. That’s probably why the women we serve feel so comfortable opening up to her. Midge learned about EGH through the What If Network Seattle (WINS) group and began volunteering with EGH four years ago.… . . . Read More “Midge – Volunteers are the Heart of EGH”

Marilynn’s Story

Marilynn grew up in a family committed to community service. When serving on the board of University District Ecumenical Parish four years ago, she heard Pastor Ron Moe-Lobeda, the former pastor of the University Lutheran Church and a founder of Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH), speak about the impact EGH has had on at-risk and homeless… . . . Read More “Marilynn’s Story”

Teresa Enjoys Volunteering at EGH

“I wanted to be involved with an organization that truly treated women with dignity and respect and I think that EGH does that better than other places.” Teresa A couple of years after retiring from her job at DSHS, Teresa Rich-Mackenzie read an article in the newspaper about homelessness that mentioned Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH).… . . . Read More “Teresa Enjoys Volunteering at EGH”

Erin – Volunteer profile

I began working at the reception desk at Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Day Center after shadowing a friend for several days so that I could get an idea about what the job would be like before diving in myself. Through these initial sessions, I quickly became acquainted with many women who are clients as well as… . . . Read More “Erin – Volunteer profile”

Retirement Hasn’t Slowed Down Jack

Many people wonder what retirement will be like. What will they do with unstructured time? What will happen to skills they spent years acquiring? For Jack Irby, after leaving his job as Facilities Director at the Pentagon where he managed a staff of over a thousand employees, the answers to those questions evolved. As he… . . . Read More “Retirement Hasn’t Slowed Down Jack”

Andrea’s Last Day

I have been volunteering with EGH for five months, and today is my last day. I started out in the kitchen with Valerie, I now work the front desk. I am a senior at the University of Washington in their Public Health program, and part of our capstone is to work at a pre-approved site… . . . Read More “Andrea’s Last Day”

Mary’s Volunteer Profile

Mary Herdell began focusing on helping others at an early age. She entered nursing school at 18, believing that she could make a difference in people’s lives. No familial or religious influence directed her belief; she recognized that helping others is its own reward, something that both feels good and is good for her community.… . . . Read More “Mary’s Volunteer Profile”

Carrie’s Healing Energy

As s a practitioner of the healing arts, Carrie Lafferty fervently believes in the practices of Qi Gong and focuses on helping people “become more self-aware so [they] can take charge of [their] own transformation.” She brings that goal to her work at EGH, where she leads weekly sessions for women at the transitional house… . . . Read More “Carrie’s Healing Energy”

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